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Visit a small kennel located in North Western, PA that prides itself on producing quality Saints and Beagles for both the show ring and the home

High Meadow Farm - We are committed to raising our fruit and livestock in a way that protects the environment and respects the health and well being of the animals.

SUSTAINABLE GENETICS - A beef cattle genetic marketing company that can realistically help enhance the profitability of your operation.

EarthDance Farms - One small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences

US Farm Lease - A unique Farmland Lease company that specializes in providing land services to absentee and non-operating landowners.

Pine Trails Ranch - Specializing in providing quality equestrian experiences for all ages and levels of riders

Charlie Horse Ranch - Software for the Horse Show Industry

R-Ranch In The Sequoias - R-Ranch in the Sequoias is a tranquil mountain vacation resort for the year round enjoyment of its member owners.

Florida Ranch Horse Club - This is where you will find important information on shows, meetings and events. We will be continuing to update this web site often as new information comes available.