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Centaur FenceAlert

The Centaur FenceAlert is an essential part for charged fencing.  It helps keep your livestock safe by letting you know if your fence isn't working, and it's design allows you to place it anywhere on a fence to maximize visibility.
  • The FenceAlert warning light flashes to warn you when fence voltage is insufficient to contain animals; helping you keep your animals from escaping.
  • The FenceAlert clip can attach to electric tape up to 1 1/2", fencing wire from 8 gauge to 16 gauge, braids, and coated wire.
  • FenceAlert can be used on temporary or permanent fencing.
  • FenceAlert warning lights should be attached to fences passed in the dark, especially in high traffic areas like driveways, alongside roads, and around buildings.
Brand: Centaur 
Type: Accessories/Fence Testers
Product #: 385355
Color: Green
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Warning when there are problems with the current