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Centaur Fence Compass

The Centaur Fence Compass allows you to quickly and easily locate faults in your electric fence.  It is designed to be simple, with no cords or ground probes necessary, and an easy to read LCD display.
  • The Centaur Fence Compass is robustly designed with an impact and water-resistant case.
  • No cords needed, clips right to your belt.
  • Large LCD with low battery warnings and is back-lit.  
  • Works with any pulse fence charger. 
  • Runs on a 9 volt battery.
  • Combination of a voltmeter and current meter let you accurately find the problem in your electric fence.

​Brand: Centaur 
Type: Accessories/Tools
Product #: 
Color: Green
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Rapidly locating electric fence faults