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Fi-Shock® 1 Ampere Fuse

​Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Accessories/Other
Product #: 301-402
Color: Red
Size: 5/card, 5 cards/case
Ideal Uses: Your fusing needs. 

For a charger requiring a 1 Ampere Fuse, look no further than the Fi-Shock 1 Ampere Fuse! 


This Fuse can be used for the following model numbers:

  • SS-505CS
  • SS-9000X
  • SS-1000X
  • SS-4000X
Packed 5 fuses per card and 5 cards per case.
When repairing a charger, please note:
Most chargers can hold a charge long after they have been unplugged or disconnected from the battery, leading to a possible shock from an unplugged charger. The consumer assumes all risk when repairing or utilizing a charger that has been “repaired” or modified. In addition, once the charger has been opened, all warranties are null and void. State federal inspections and approvals (such as UL, CE) are also terminated.