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Fi-Shock® AC-Powered, 10 Mile Charger

​Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fence Energizer/AC-Powered
Product #: EAC10M-FS
Color: Blue
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Controlling animals, keeping livestock, sheep, goats, pigs and other farm animals in while keeping predatory animals out.


Our Fi-Shock® AC-Powered, 10 Mile Charger works in heavy weed conditions to control animals, keeping your farm and ranch animals in while keeping predators out of a particular area.


  • Up to 10 mile range
  • Indicator light showing fence controller is working
  • Can be used in heavy weed conditions
  • 115 volt
  • pulsed output: 60 cycle  (1-second intervals)
  • Stored joules: 0.66
  • Joule output: 0.5 
  • UL listed
  • Digital timing
  • No-fuse design
  • Output voltage no load is 10,500 volts