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Fi-Shock® AC-Powered, 5 Acre Charger

​Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fence Energizer/AC-Powered
Product #: EAC5A-FS
Color: Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Keeping pets in and unwanted critters out.

This Fi-Shock® AC-Powered, 5 Acre Charger for containing pets and small animals. Use with Fi-Shock® Electric Fence Kit, to keep pets in your yard and keep unwanted critters out.


Product Details:

  • Powers up to 5 acres
  • Intermittent AC output
  • Uses two 1/16 amp time-delay fuses  
  • Fused panel to protect against power surges
  • Do not use with dogs under 15lbs or under 6 months of age



Input Voltage:     110-120 VAC, 60 Hz, .027 A, 10 W

Output Voltage:  1.2 KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage