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Fi-Shock® DC-Powered, 15 Mile Charger

Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fence Energizer/DC Powered
Product #: EDC15M-FS
Color: Blue
Size: 2/case
Ideal Uses: Controlling livestock and other animals, including predators, in remote locations or areas without access to AC power.


Our Fi-Shock® DC-Powered, 15 Mile Charger is ideal for controlling all types of animals, including keeping predators out.  This DC powered charger powers all types of fences, including high tensile, poly wire, and poly tape; even under heavily weeded conditions.


This 15 mile charger has a voltage-control switch for shorter or clean fences and a 25% longer battery life over other low-impedance models.


  • 15 mile range
  • Voltage-control switch for shorter or clean fences
  • Safe, effective, high voltage shocks delivered with digital timing
  • Indicator light showing fence controller is working
  • 0.75 joule output
  • 12V battery operation
  • DC powered
  • Intermittent DC output