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Fi-Shock® DC-Powered or Electric Powered, 20 Mile Charger

Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fence Energizer/AC-Powered/Battery Powered
Product #: SS-9000X
Color: Black
Size: 2/case
Ideal Uses: Charging electric fence up to 20 miles long - even under heavy weed conditions. 


The Fi-Shock® DC-Powered or Electric Powered, 20 Mile Charger is the perfect complement to your electric fence system. 


This top of the line electric fence charger has been re-designed with a new textured enclosure to increase durability and the fence terminals have been moved to the bottom of the unit for added protection against direct rain.


With the ability to plug the charger into a standard 110 VAC outlet or hook it to a 6 or 12 volt battery, this low impedance fence charger provides versatility and convenience. 



Input Voltage:  AC adaptor: 9 VDC, .3 A

                       12 V BATTERY: 12 VDC, .085 A

                        6 V BATTERY: 6 VDC, .045 A


Output Voltage:  8 KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage


Can be used for containment of pigs, cattle, horses, deer, cows, sheep and goats.



  • AC adapter & battery clamps are included
  • New enclosure is textured for increased durability
  • Uses two 1 amp fuses for downline protection against power surges
  • Fence terminals are on bottom of unit for direct rain protection


Warranty: one year