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Fi-Shock | Yellow Screw-On T-Post Insulator

Fastening an electrified wire to a post without losing energy through the post. Do your insulators detach during high winds? Our yellow screw-on insulator is your answer!

Is it difficult to fasten or release the wire from an electric fence T-post? Our Zareba® T-post screw-on Insulator, Yellow screws on securely to T-posts and won’t dislodge during high winds or heavy loads. Comes 25 insulators per bag. Color: Black. Zareba® Insulators are made from only the highest grade, high density polyethylene, resulting in a rugged durable construction. They provide excellent insulating characteristics and are UV-protected to resist weathering, even under the harshes conditions. The models are designed for easy attachment to fence post or wire. To Select Insulator: Start with the post type. Then select the right insulator based on the type of wire and fence controller used.

• Screw-on insulator • Ensures a tight, secure fit on standard (1.25 or 1.33) studded T-posts • Eliminates dislodging in high winds or under heavy loads • Color: Yellow • 25 per bag