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Gallagher S17 Solar Fence Charger

Brand: Gallagher
Type: Fence Energizer/Solar Powered
Product #: G344404
Color: Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 10 acres (1 mile) of electric horse fencing
The Gallagher S17 solar charger is engineered as a quick and simple solution for your electric fencing needs. The S17 comes with a built-in solar panel AND battery able to power around a mile of multiple-line electric fencing. Perfect for many types of livestock such as horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, and goats. 
Features and Benefits:
  • Electrifies up to 10 acres (1 mile) of multiple-line fencing
  • Internal 6V 7AH maintenance-free rechargeable battery included
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days
  • Approximately 0.17 Joules of stored energy
  • Carrying handle for portability
  • Easily grounded for ideal performance
  • Impact- & UV-resistant, weather proof case
  • Fits easily on steel T-post
  • Dimensions: 151mm (w) x 34mm (h) x 100mm (d) -(approximately 6" x 1.5" x 3").
  • The expected life of your solar energizer battery depends on a number of variables: The battery age expectancy is normally five years if kept between 0 - 30 °C (and with at least a 70% charge) at all times.
  • Battery life expectancy will be reduced if: the battery is left unused for a period and allowed to self-discharge the solar panel does not get sufficient sunlight (some regions have less sunlight hours). Again, this will allow the battery to discharge stored at an extreme temperatures (hot or cold), causing the battery to 'age' more quickly.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty