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Speedrite 3000 Fence Charger

 The Speedrite 3000 is a versatile fence charger.  It can charge up to 30 miles of fence, has mounting options for posts, fence wires, and walls, and can be outlet, battery, or solar powered.  It includes a 110-volt power adapter, battery leads, and fence leads.
  • Charges up to 120 acres/30 miles of fence.
  • Compatible with 110-volt outlet power, battery power, and solar power. 
  • Indicator light display clearly shows battery condition and output voltage.
  • Automatically adjust containment with Day and Night Sensors to contain or exclude animals based on day or night conditions.
  • Conveniently located large terminals accept up to two fence wires.
  • Low impedance means power is delivered to the end of the fence, even when there is a heavy load.
  • Can be mounted on posts, fence wires, or walls.
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting capability.
  • Adjustable pulse speeds and powers.
  • Includes 110V power adapter, battery leads, and fence leads.
  • Maximum energy output equal to 3 J (4.5 J stored energy).

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty

​​​​​​Brand: Speedrite 
Type: Fence Charger/DC & Solar Powered
Product #: 809448
Color: Red
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 120 acres (30 miles) of electric horse fencing

Speedrite 3000