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Speedrite 63000RS Fence Charger

Brand: Speedrite 
Type: Fence Energizer/DC Powered
Product #: 816643
Color: Red
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 390 miles (4,000 acres) of electric horse fencing
Features and Benefits:
  • Delivers maximum power and reliable performance for your permanent electric fencing.
  • Powers up to 390 miles (4,000 acres) of fence
  • 63 J maximum output energy (97 J stored energy)
  • Cyclic Wave™ technology.  Provides a clean, powerful pulse that maximizes the energy that travels down the fence line, resulting in continuous power right to the end of your fence for optimal livestock control
  • Bi-polar technology.  Enables the user to power a fence system to perform exceptionally well in dry, low conductive soil
  • Remote capable.  Using a Speedrite fence remote (with remote capable Speedrite energizers) enables you to switch the energizer on or off from anywhere along the fence line. This makes it easy to manage repairs and maintenance
  • Indicator lights.  Easy to read light bar display provides an instant measure of the energizer output voltage for quick fence diagnostics. The LED display shows red when heavily loaded
  • Load response feature.  Controls energizer output to match conditions, providing maximum fence voltage for effective animal control.
  • Large terminals.  Mounted on the front of the energizer casing for convenience, these large terminals are easily adjusted and accept up to two fence wires. The slotted terminals make inserting wires and getting a good connection easy
  • Low Impedance.  Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth
  • Low interference.  Cyclic Wave™ technology delivers outstanding fence performance and helps to minimize electromagnetic interference in line with international EMC standards
  • Rugged design.  Hi-tech components and advanced research and development have enabled us to make powerful energizers in a rugged, compact, polymer case
  • Half voltage terminal.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty