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Speedrite S500 Solar Fence Charger

​​​​​​Brand: Speedrite 
Type: Fence Energizer/Solar Powered
Product #: 814098
Color: Red
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 20 acres (5 miles) of electric horse fencing
Features and Benefits:
  • Ideal for block holders or to power a small run off.
  • Can be used to power up to 20 acres / 5 miles of fence 
  • Output energy: 0.50 J; Stored energy: 0.63 J 
  • Only needs minimal sunlight to keep battery fully charged. When charged, selected portable energizers can operate for up to 21 days without sunlight
  • Advanced technology designed to save battery life automatically adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition. 
  • Designed for maximum weather protection with a strong aluminum solar panel frame and UV resistant case 
  • 9,500 V output
  • 5 watt solar panel
  • Battery recharges during fine weather
  • Can be mounted on T-posts or wood posts
  • On/Off switch.
  • Included internal rechargeable 12 volt gel cell battery and fence leads.
  • Excludes battery.  Batteries fitted insude energizers have a 90 day warranty.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty