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Zareba | 5 Mile Battery Operated Solid State Charger

Made in USA This item replaces the B5. Controlling most animals, including livestock. This battery operated fence charger powers medium length fences with light to moderate weeds. Do you need to control certain animals in an area where you don't have access to AC power? Our Zareba® 5 Mile Battery Operated Solid State Fence Charger is designed for controlling horses, pigs, cows and exotic animals. It also helps keep out rabbits, skunks, woodchucks and raccoons. Ideal for powering remote areas and areas lacking access to AC power. Can be used with medium length fences having light to moderate weeds. Features include digital timing, an indicator lamp that shows the charger is working, and a rugged, weather-resistant case. Use 10 to 17 gauge wire. 6 volt battery with pulsed DC output (1-second intervals). Battery life approximately 4 to 5 weeks; battery not included. Comes with a 1-yr warranty that includes damage caused by lightning.