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Zareba | AC Pet Fence Kit

Made in USA Keeping pets in and unwanted critters out with this electric fence kit. Bad pet habits are deterred with the mild electric shock from this electric fence for dogs and small animals. Our Zareba® Garden Protector Fence Kit helps keep rabbits, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and other similar-sized nuisance animals out of your garden. Quick and easy to install, this electric fencing for garden protection kit contains everything you need to set up your fence. It also trains pets and or unwanted critters to stay away. The electric pet fence can be used to break your pet’s bad habits and keep them fenced in – it delivers a mild shock, deterring animals from the area. It’s easy-to-use, effective and economical. Use this electrical fence kit to deliver a small but memorable shock to any animal that's looking for an easy meal.