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Zareba | Black Diamond 75-Mile A/C Energizer

Energizes up to 75 miles of fence wire under optimal conditions
Features an all-metal steel housing for added durability in the field
For use in heavy vegetation conditions
AC power, 4-joule output, low impedance
Assembled in the U.S.A

For the most durable AC-powered energizer Zareba offers, look no further than the Black Diamond line. These fence chargers are equipped with a rugged steel case to help protect them from the rigors of farm life. Inside that hefty case is the same reliable Zareba fence charger you’ve come to love. Under ideal conditions, the EAC75M-ZBD delivers 4 output joules along 75 miles of fence wire, and it can be used to operate any electric fence style, including wire, polyrope, polytape or polywire. Use this Black Diamond charger to power your fencing and contain bulls, cattle, deer, exotics, goats, horses, pigs, predators and sheep or to exclude unwanted wildlife. Features include a fuseless design, moisture-resistant internal components, a pulse indicator light and that rugged, weather-resistant steel case. This energizer comes with a 2-year warranty that includes protection from damage caused by lightning. Get a free 1-year extension on the warranty when you register your new energizer on-line.