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Zareba | T-Post Bracket (Horizontal)

This Made in the USA T-Post Bracket from Zareba allows easy and secure mounting to fence posts.

This horizontal T-Post Bracket can transform T-Posts into much more than fence posts. The perfect solution for mounting items on T-Posts, these T-Post Brackets are easy to use and built to be durable and weather-resistant. Simply slide the bracket over the top of a T-Post and lock into place. It comes pre-drilled with holes so that any number of objects can easily be attached.

This one-of-a-kind bracket has so many uses! Use it to mount:

Fence chargers
Bird feeders
Bird houses
Game cameras
Rain gauges
Outdoor shelving
Hose holders
And more!

The patent-pending Zareba T-Post Bracket (Horizontal) measures 2 inches wide and 6.25 inches tall and includes 4 pre-drilled holes.